The following photo series contains adult themes and nudity



1979 is an editorial photographic series investigating the 1970s porn industry through fashion and interior design. The Golden Age of Porn began in 1969 and refers to a 15-year period of time in commercial American pornography. The release of Andy Warhol’s blue movies in 1969 kick-started the movement with the most well-known blue movies at the time being Deepthroat (1972), The Devil in Miss Jones (1973), Behind the Green Door (1972) and The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976). The Golden age of Porn created a lot of issues around the time in the US, surrounding the anti-obscenity laws and ordinances that anyone participating in the creation, distribution, or consumption of pornography constituted criminal action.


Amelia Hayman

Alfie Sewell

Ieuan Sheppard

Hair: Elle Smith

Makeup: Elle Smith

Styling: Elle Smith

Set Design: Elle Smith

Location: Home Address, Norwich, Norfolk, UK